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Are you looking to join a values-driven team? Cannacraft has been cultivating health and happiness through cannabis since 2014 and is now the largest cannabis manufacturer in California!

Dennis Hunter is an entrepreneurial thinker… What he has achieved in the short time that cannabis has been legal is truly amazing.


Employee Spotlight

Photo of CannaCraft Employee Kari Bunting

Kari Bunting

QC Technical Coordinator

Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Quincy, Illinois. Lubbock, Texas.  And now, Santa Rosa, California

What does a QC Technical Coordinator do

Working in Quality, our job is to provide oversight on all of our products, ensuring that every item we send out meets the quality standards that our consumers deserve.  We review packaging, lab results, production processes, and provide overall manufacturing efficacy.

What do you love about living & working in Sonoma County

I’ve picked up a ton of hobbies since moving here such as, triathlons, snowboarding, rock climbing, volunteering at my church and the Active 20/30 Club, and playing the cello.

Favorite CannaCraft product

18:1 Care by Design tincture.  Since I’ve started training for triathlons, I found that by taking the 18:1 drops following my workout, I have much less pain and a much shorter recovery period.

Photo of Dustin O’Callaghan CannaCraft Soft Gel & Tablet Team Lead

Dustin O’Callaghan

Soft Gel & Tablet Team Lead
CannaCraft start date

March 2016

Soft Gel or Gel Cap

Sometimes people use the terms interchangeably--but what we produce at CannaCraft is technically a soft gel. Gel caps have seams and are manufactured differently.

Go-to colleague for a morale boost

Jack O’Callaghan--he can always make me laugh.


Gardening. This summer I’m growing lots of hot peppers, sweet peppers, herbs, aromatics, tomatoes, and one tomatillo plant.

Favorite thing to cook

Tri tip. I use a dry rub and indirect heat for the first 50 minutes.

Dream Vacation

Iceland to soak in the thermal pools.

Favorite CannaCraft product

Farmer & The Felon and 18:1 HiFi.

Photo of Heather Johnson CannaCraft Senior Manager, Procurement

Heather Johnson

Senior Manager, Procurement
CannaCraft start date

August 2018


Petaluma, CA

What happens in Procurement

We purchase, track, and manage all inventory at CannaCraft, including raw materials, packaging, as well as supplies, like gloves, required in the production of our products.

Favorite spot in Sonoma County

Wickersham Park in Petaluma. It has benches with white arbors—the perfect place for a picnic.

What’s in your picnic basket

Iced coffee & Sushi or Sandwich and Chips.

Favorite bands

Andrew Jackson Jihad, Jeffrey Lewis, Sublime.

Favorite CannaCraft product

Satori Mints.

Sergio Alvarez

Sergio Alvarez

Gummy Manager
CannaCraft start date

June 2018


Los Angeles, CA

What does a Gummy Manager do

We make as many gummies as possible while increasing productivity and efficiency. We have a word in Spanish, maña, it means to find a ‘hack’ or ‘trick’ that improves the process. We’re
always trying to find a way to make it better--making sure we’re constantly improving without compromising on consistency and quality.

Describe your growth at CannaCraft

I started out in Packaging almost two years ago. After working there for a while, I moved to Satori production and then into gummies. I was lucky enough to have Eunice as my manager and am really appreciative of how supportive she is.

What you miss the most about home

My family

Favorite movie

Pineapple Express

Favorite CannaCraft Product

Care by Design 4:1 Gummies and Loud+Clear Blue City Diesel vape

CannaCraft Benefits

Comprehensive Health Plans
Comprehensive Health Plans
Stock Appreciation Rights For All Employees
Stock Appreciation Rights For All Employees
Paid Parental Leave
Paid Parental Leave
Team volunteer days
Paid Time Off For Volunteering
Dog Friendly Office Environment
Dog Friendly Office Environment
Career Development
Career Development

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CannaCraft is a vertically integrated company and all of our products meet the highest (no pun intended) industry standards for cultivation, extraction, and product formulation.

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