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Our diverse portfolio of cannabis brands is designed to offer something for every type of cannabis consumer.

Our Story

The company’s roots in cannabis cultivation date back to the ‘80s, when co-founder Dennis Hunter first taught himself how to grow cannabis as a young adult in Mendocino county and he has remained a pillar in the cannabis community since. CannaCraft co-founders Ned Fussell and Dennis Hunter set out to make the world happier and healthier through cannabis.

In 2014, Hunter created CannaCraft with Ned Fussell, a fellow cannabis advocate, and lifetime cultivator. This authentic connection to the plant and commitment to ensuring safe cannabis be available to all who need it has been a guiding principle for CannaCraft since the start.

As lifetime cultivators, the two had an insider perspective on cannabis trends and they both noticed an infusion of new customers turning to the plant for recreational and medicinal purposes.

To best serve the new landscape of needs, the founders decided to create easy-to-use products that could be enjoyed by both experienced and novice cannabis users.

By partnering with leading cannabis researchers and incorporating cutting-edge manufacturing equipment and techniques from the pharmaceutical, beauty, and food & beverage industries, CannaCraft created markets for some of the most popular cannabis products that we see today like 100% cannabis oil vape pens, microdosed edibles, and CBD:THC ratio products.

Ned and Dennis

Today the company has over 200 products with best-selling items in major categories including sublinguals, soft gel capsules, vape cartridges, beverages, flower and candies.

This robust portfolio is supported by state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, in-house R&D, and statewide distribution all operating out of CannaCraft’s over 40,0002 ft. facility in Sonoma County.

Ned and Dennis’ commitment to customer wellbeing and education reshaped the way people think about and use cannabis products and helped move the cannabis industry from the shadows, into the mainstream spotlight that cannabis garners today.

Our products meet the highest industry standards for extraction, formulation, and packaging to ensure that our customers are safe.

Quality Ingredients
Quality Ingredients

All of our products are made with natural pure cannabis oil and other natural ingredients and never include potentially harmful additives.

Safe Extraction
Safe Extraction

Cannabis oil is extracted with non-volatile methods that preserve the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Patient Assistance
Patient Assistance

CannaCraft strives to support cannabis research, patient assistance programs, and other community-based initiatives.

Clear Labeling
Clear Labeling

All of our products are accurately labeled, working with our in-house compliance experts to ensure packaging is updated to meet evolving industry and consumer standards.

Cultivation & Manufacturing

There are certain rare benefits for a cannabis company founded by industry pioneers and professionals. The most unique being the ability and expertise to manage every aspect of our manufacturing and distribution process in-house. CannaCraft’s robust ecosystem guarantees quality every step of the way.

Source Matters
Sourcing Matters

Our ingredients are selected with the well-being of the patient and the environment at heart. All of our products are made with pure, natural cannabis oil and never include harmful additives. We source locally and have long-term contracts with responsible farmers to protect the quality and consistency of our supply chain.

Safely Extracted
Safely Extracted

Using non-volatile CO2 extraction, CannaCraft’s proprietary SuperCritical Extractors are built onsite and are calibrated to preserve the full spectrum of delicate cannabinoids and terpenes. Supporting CannaCraft’s product portfolio requires a lot of cannabis oil, to meet the demand we run over 20 extractors around the clock and process approximately 150,000 lbs of dry plant material annually.

Expertly Formulated
Expertly Formulated

Our team of chemists and Ph.Ds lead product formulation and R&D in CannaCraft’s state of the art manufacturing facility. CannaCraft’s in-house scientists leverage credible, current research and partner with the leaders in cannabis research and other related industries to craft effective and efficient cannabis products.

Professionally Manufactured
Professionally Manufactured

CannaCraft’s 200 unique products are created under one roof. Our commercial-grade cannabis manufacturing capabilities include oil processing and refinement for vape cartridges and cannabis concentrates, soft gel pill encapsulation, food-grade cosmetic and confectionery production, and a large-scale beverage bottling line.

Statewide Distribution
Statewide Distribution

All CannaCraft products are packaged onsite before being transferred to Kind House Distribution, CannaCraft’s wholly owned distribution entity. Kind House Distribution’s delivery fleet makes weekly deliveries to over 500 licensed retailers throughout California delivering CannaCraft’s best-selling brands as well as third-party brands under distribution contracts.

Our Family of Brands

Our Team

Photo of Dennis Hunter CannaCraft Co-founder

Dennis Hunter

Co-founder, Board of Directors
Dennis Hunter found success in the cannabis industry at a young age, and while his operations have grown and evolved over the last 25+ years, his unrelenting advocacy for legal cannabis has not wavered.
Photo of Ned Fussell CannaCraft Co-founder

Ned Fussell

Co-founder, Board of Directors
Drawn to the epicenter of American cannabis culture and production, Ned Fussell moved from Massachusetts to Northern California in 2007 to pursue a lifelong interest in cultivation.
CannaCraft CEO, Jim Hourigan

Jim Hourigan

Chief Executive Officer
Jim Hourigan was appointed Chief Executive Officer in 2019 after serving as the company’s Chief Operating Officer for nearly a year. Prior to joining CannaCraft, Jim held executive positions with a series of ecommerce, consumer and medical device companies including BuildDirect, A. H. Robins, Medline, London International and A.C. Nielsen.
Danielle Dellera

Danielle Dell’era

Chief Financial Officer
Danielle brings over two decades of finance, accounting, and logistics planning to CannaCraft’s finance department. As the Chief Financial Officer, Danielle is responsible for reporting, capital management, forecasting, and investment strategy.
Photo of Kathy Parnell CannaCraft Vice President and Treasurer

Kathy Parnell

Vice President, Treasurer
Kathy serves as Treasurer at CannaCraft, where she oversees liquidity, cash flow forecasting, corporate insurance, banking relationships and day-to-day treasury operations. Kathy joined CannaCraft in 2019, bringing two decades of finance, treasury and risk management experience. 
Photo of Stacy Hostetter CannaCraft General Counsel

Stacy Allura Hostetter

General Counsel
Stacy is proud to be among the first wave of corporate attorneys to join the cannabis industry upon legalization. As General Counsel, Stacy heads the legal department and advises the organization on a wide range of legal and business issues while also working in close collaboration with the Board of Directors and the remainder of the executive team on corporate strategy.
Photo of Angela Pih CannaCraft Chief Marketing Officer

Angela Pih

Chief Marketing Officer
A skilled global marketer with over two decades of experience in cannabis, fashion, beauty, wellness and premium brands. Angela served as the Chief Marketing Officer for the cannabis brand Papa & Barkley where her work was recognized among Green Entrepreneur's list of "Top 25 Cannabis Brands that Killed it in Marketing.
Photo of Tiffany Devitt CannaCraft Chief, Government & Consumer Affairs

Tiffany Devitt

Chief, Government & Consumer Affairs
Tiffany Devitt is responsible for overseeing CannaCraft's regulatory compliance and government relations. As such, she plays a valuable and vital role in shaping and executing the company's legislative strategies in Sacramento and DC.
Bill Silver

Bill Silver

President of New Markets
Bill Silver, PhD is the President of CannaCraft’s New Markets, working closely with strategic partners nationally and internationally to help expand CannaCraft’s footprint.
Photo of Kial Long Vice President, Corporate Communications

Kial Long

Vice President, Corporate Communications
Kial Long brings over a decade of experience in Investor Relations and corporate communication functions for fast-growing companies in highly regulated industries.
Nick Wagner

Nick Wagner

Vice President, Distribution
Nick Wagner brings a decade of experience to CannaCraft’s distribution team. As the head of Kind House, CannaCraft’s wholly-owned distribution company, Nick manages statewide logistics, distribution, and inventory management operations for CannaCraft brands and third-party brands.
Photo of Zack Darling CannaCraft Vice President of Marketing

Zack Darling

Vice President, Marketing
After a 10-year legacy at his award-winning creative agency, The Hybrid Creative, Zack's business was acquired by KushCo Holdings, a publicly traded cannabis packaging and ancillary services company.

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