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CannaCraft Family

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The first brand of its kind, ABX has been the leader in strain-specific concentrates since 2014. The line features unique terpene and cannabinoid formulations in easy-to-use applications, making it possible to achieve specific effects at the desired time.
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Care By Design

A wellness brand with deep roots, Care By Design represents a long-standing commitment to harnessing the full therapeutic benefits of cannabis. The first to innovate ratio blends of CBD and THC, Care By Design invented personalized cannabis care in 2014, introducing CBD to millions of Californians. Today, Care By Design offers the widest variety of ratio and form factors in the CBD market.
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Care By Design Hemp

Grounded in wellness and cultivated with love and science, Care By Design Hemp is a remedy with roots, backed by a team of scientists, clinicians, and caregivers with decades of experience. Our tinctures and gel capsules are available in five uniquely designed CBD formulas for targeted effects: Relief, Rest, Balance, Calm, and Uplift.
Farmer and the Felon logo

Farmer and the Felon

Our cannabis flower brand was created to pay respect to the pioneers who laid the foundation for the legal cannabis market, while highlighting their stories in order to preserve traditional cannabis culture. The brand features high-quality flower and pre-rolls and celebrates sustainable and all-natural growing practices. The name is a nod to the countless cannabis cultivators who have been impacted by prohibition, and the brand endeavors to bring justice to the thousands of non-violent cannabis offenders still incarcerated today.
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Hi-Fi Hops

Launched in collaboration with Lagunitas Brewery, Hi-Fi Hops is the first cannabis beverage of its kind. Starting with Lagunitas hop water, CannaCraft adds a cannabis emulsion and bottles the fast-acting, carbonated beverage onsite. The hop-flavored cannabis confection is free of alcohol and boasts zero calories, making an excellent product for beer lovers and cannabis lovers alike.
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Loud+Clear is the sibling brand to AbsoluteXtracts. As is the case with many younger siblings, it’s wild and rebellious. Like ABX, Loud+Clear features 100% cannabis oil, expertly extracted to preserve the full richness of specific cannabis strains.
Satori logo


Handcrafted cannabis confections made from gourmet ingredients, including premium chocolate infused with precise doses of pure cannabis oil covering whole fruits and nuts and microdosed mints. The Satori edible line offers a variety of doses and flavors for a delicious and easy alternative to traditional cannabis consumption.
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Kind House Distribution is CannaCraft's wholly-owned, licensed distribution entity in California. Kind House delivers CannaCraft brands and third-party partner brands to over 500 accounts in California every week.

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Kindness Farms

Kindness Farms sits on over 100 acres of pristine land in Lake County, California. Over 40,000 cannabis plants are grown under the California sun and are harvested year-round. Kindness Farms’ growth operations optimize cutting-edge technology for lighting and irrigation design as well as soil fertility analysis, feed assessment, and crop scheduling.