Photo of CannaCraft Board Member Mason Garrity

Mason Garrity

Board Member

Mr. Garrity is a recognized innovator in growth marketing and consumer goods. Mr. Garrity is currently the COO of the Rudd Collection (PRESS Restaurant, Rudd Estate, Crossroads by Rudd). Prior to that, he served as the Vice President of Strategy at 3Q Digital, where Mr. Garrity worked with the Bay Area’s most cutting-edge companies to achieve growth through performance marketing.

Mr. Garrity previously co-founded Noosphere Marketing, an online marketing firm in New York. Prior to Noosphere, he began his career in marketing and startups in 2006 at during the early stages of the technology company’s growth.

Mr. Garrity also runs a cannabis investment fund and provides valuable insight into industry trends.

Mr. Garrity holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Pomona College.